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June 02 2012

Measuring the Universe

May 21 2012

The Boss
#16. Østersøen (Ödland, Sankta Lucia)

May 15 2012

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The Making of the Leica M9-P »Edition Hermès« -- Série Limitée Jean-Louis Dumas
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April 16 2012


April 14 2012


April 10 2012

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April 02 2012


February 28 2012

via Nicholas Felton | Feltron.com

neuer Feltron Report, yay

February 21 2012

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Creating a Hubble Galaxy in Two Minutes

February 13 2012

Tiny Story
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February 11 2012


Imagine that you have a friend who wants to clean the public golf course of chipmunks by dumping rat poison by the bucketful from helicopters. You think this is a... misguided idea. But the friend has the ear of the town council and convinces one member to introduce a bill mandating mass quantities of arsenic to be dumped on the golf course. You show up to a hearing and suggest the poison could cause other problems. The friend then goes to a local newspaper and for months trashes your good name, suggesting that you are a dishonest scumbag who furthermore likes the golf course chipmunks and probably profits from them by selling them to research labs by the minivan load. For what it's worth, the friend suggests that you also support killing the town's seniors with tainted heart medication imported from abroad.

When the town rises up to reject the rat poison bill and suggests that, perhaps, some less barmy idea might work, your friend then repeats all his old allegations while throwing in new ones about "abuse of power." But when defeat is clear, your friend calls you up on Saturday afternoon and expresses his thanks that you agree the golf course has a chipmunk problem. He hopes you can both sit down and work out a rational compromise—though not one that starts from your own idea, which was simply to employ a full-time golf course cat.

"We are rational beings," he says, "are we not?" You agree with him because that's the sort of polite person you are, but in reality you harbor doubts; wasn't this the guy with the nutball rat poison idea who spent months calling you names? And didn't he get you so furious that you sometimes lost the grip on your own steely logic?

Rationality, you think to yourself as you hang up the phone, might have been possible once—but it's going to be tough to find now.

RIAA still raging against Google, Wikipedia for "misuse of power" in SOPA battle

February 10 2012

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Lego Robotic Arm
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February 09 2012

Processing Visuals Tool
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January 31 2012

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God Bless America [2011]

January 30 2012


Hollywood Edition

Hollywood is really mad at the technology industry for killing SOPA, their bill to equip the US government with China and Iran-like powers to take down web sites suspected of “assisting” piracy, without any due process.

From their rhetoric, it’s clear that Hollywood still hasn’t learned anything from this. And then it struck me…why don’t we teach them?

Since they’re so persnickety about licensing agreements, let’s amend all of our terms of use to require all movie moguls to use a special “Hollywood Edition” of our products.

Here are some of the special new features we’ll be giving them…

  • Before you can do a Google search, you have to sit through five minutes of ads for Google Chrome, Chromebooks by Samsung, Android Phones by Motorola, and that amazing straight-to-video blockbuster, Google+. And oh yeah, don’t even think about trying to skip the ads. A cute little red “X” appears in the corner of your screen if you try to do that.
  • Microsoft Word will no longer allow you to read or edit movie scripts that are obvious takeoffs from other movies. We get the message: remixing content to make something new is wrong. Bonus for us: this would have stopped you from absolutely ruining “Arthur” in the remake.
  • If you fly off to your vacation home in the south of France, your Mac won’t boot up at all. Remember, it’s your fault for traveling – just buy another one with the right “region code.”
  • Twitter still works fine in the Hollywood Edition. But all tweets are delayed for about three hours, unless you want to pay $10 a day to see them immediately. Bonus for you: every other tweet will offer you some really overpriced popcorn.

So enjoy “Hollywood Edition,” you movie moguls. Remember, we’re doing this for YOU because you’re the customer, and we want to make sure you’re well entertained.

Based on what we’ve learned from you, the best way to do that is annoying you to no end.

Hollywood Edition - Aaron Klein

January 29 2012

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Wastelander Panda Prologue
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